Cookie Policy

All references mentioned in this Cookie Policy document, like “we”,” us” or “our” (and/or any similar words) refer to (“Website”) which communicates with you.

Mentioning “you” will refer to an individual who is viewing the Website or using it to place orders through it.

If not specified else ways in any other document on this Website, each and every capitalized term specified hereunder shall indicate the same as outlined in the Terms of Use document.

Cookies. What is meant by them?

By saying “cookies” we mean tiny files which are on the computer or any other device you use, and they help us determine that you have visited our Website and what you have observed there. These are the files made of letters and numbers and we send them from our server to store on the computer or any other device you use when entering our Website.

These are exactly the cookies that track and save the information about what you have viewed on our Website. As an example, cookies remember the elements ordered through our Website by you, or help you stay logged in on it.

This means that if you start and proceed with viewing and using our Website, you totally accept the fact that we use cookies that can be of setting or reading types too. Sure, you can delete or make cookies disabled when you wish. After that, however, we will not be able to guarantee that the Website will be working as good as before just because cookies play a vital role in a proper performance of

Kinds of cookies used on our Website. What are they?

We use cookies that save what you have viewed on our Website in between the sessions of your browser and they are named persistent cookies.

Another kind of cookies used by us are session cookies. They save the details about your experience on our Website only within some period of time. Should you close the window of your browser, they immediately disappear from the hard drive of your computer. Why we use them? They simply help us protect the internet banking procedure and make it more secure. Along with it, they are necessary for the webmail.

Here are the essential reasons why we use cookies:

  • To make the ordering process possible for you. If your cookies are disabled, it can be impossible to place a new order through the Website.
  • To make it possible for you to use our live chat all day and night and stay in contact with our support managers.
  • To help you be signed in.
  • To track all activity of yours at our Website by means of Google Analytics instrument.

See this cookie table containing the major types of cookies used on our Website

We created this table with the major kinds of cookies that are used at our Website, where we explained the purpose of each type.

What can you do if you want to delete or just block cookies that we use?

At any moment, you are able to delete or block cookies used at our website if you wish. As already mentioned, after doing it there's no guarantee that our Website will look and work in the same proper way as before just because cookies are very important for providing a good functionality of any website.

Also we apply such instrument as Google Analytics in order to review how visitors enter our Website. Any information that is set into cookies and remembers how you are browsing the Website is rendered to Google. It is done with one and only purpose of making reports with statistics that will sum up the information about the activity on our Website.

To learn more about cookies and the ways of how to handle or even delete them is given here

If you wish to protect yourself from tracking by Google Analytics on any website you visit, go here

Keep in mind that we never collect any information that can identify your personality by means of cookies, including those used at our Website.

This Cookie Policy was last updated on May 17, 2017.

Frequently asked questions

Do you utilize ChatGPT or any other AI tools?

No, we do not use ChatGPT or any other AI tools. Our essay service greatly values the skills and knowledge of real people. If any of our experts are found using AI tools, they will be dismissed immediately.

What should I do if the quality falls short of what I expected?

If the quality doesn't meet your expectations, you're entitled to a free revision. Your expert will make the necessary adjustments.

Who will write my essay?

Our smart algorithm handles that. It matches you with the ideal expert by analyzing your needs and the expert's qualifications.

Is it possible to communicate with the essay writer assigned to my order?

Yes, you can! You'll find a messaging section for your order in your account, where you can communicate directly with the support team or the expert working on your order.

Why should I make the deposit?

Our service operates on a pre-payment system. Your initial payment is a deposit that remains in your account until the work is completed. The essay writer is paid only after you review and approve the completed work.

If I write my paper myself, can one of your experts proofread it?

Absolutely, we can assist with proofreading your paper. Beyond our essay writing service, we offer proofreading and editing services to ensure your work is polished and free from errors.